Et tu SSRN?

SSRN -- the social science paper repository -- is being acquired by Elsevier. SSRN has always been a for-profit entity and so it shouldn't be a surprise that this has happened. Put simply, there is a commercial rationale to this especially given that it is hard for smaller scale entities -- and SSRN despite its … Continue reading Et tu SSRN?

Completed Research Projects (2015)

Last year we listed research projects that were completed under this research program. Here are the projects completed for 2015: Neil Thompson, Arvids Ziedonis and David Mowery, "University Licensing and the Flow of Knowledge" As university involvement in technology transfer and entrepreneurship has increased, concerns over the patenting and licensing of scientific discoveries have grown. … Continue reading Completed Research Projects (2015)

The Gates Foundation’s open access move ignores a better way to open knowledge

Last week, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation went far further than any other organization in mandating open access. From January of next year, all research funded by the Foundation will have to be made available and free online -- including appropriate metadata to make the research searchable. While others, such as the Wellcome Trust … Continue reading The Gates Foundation’s open access move ignores a better way to open knowledge

Completed Research Projects (2014)

Last year, our first round of research projects was funded and many have been completed. I thought it would be useful to provide links to the finished papers. Kevin Boudreau and Karim Lakhani, "How Disclosure Policies Impact Search in Open Innovation" Most of society’s innovation systems–academic science, the patent system, open source, etc.–are “open” in … Continue reading Completed Research Projects (2014)

Should Wikipedia have robot helpers?

Wikipedia is famously open to anyone to edit. In practice, whether your edits sustain themselves depends upon other Wikipedia editors and the enforcement of various norms and rules that have emerged. The WSJ highlighted a new type of Wikipedia editor -- essentially a robot. Sverker Johansson could be the most prolific author you've never heard of. Volunteering … Continue reading Should Wikipedia have robot helpers?