Post-Doctoral Position

The Research Program on the “Economics of Knowledge Contribution and Distribution” has a post-doctoral fellowship position available for 2013-14. Candidates should have a recently completed PhD and have a research proposal related to the following areas.

  • The impact of open scientific publication on research outcomes and dissemination.
  • The motivations and constraints on the sharing of scholarly knowledge.
  • Measures of scientific impact and interactions with research incentives, openness and career paths.
  • Platforms for fostering scientific collaboration.
  • Contractual mechanisms in the management and funding of scientific research.
  • Equilibrium models of scientific disclosure and research diversity.
  • Interactions between intellectual property protection, commercial concerns and scientific openness.

This research program is funded by the Sloan Foundation and co-directed by Joshua Gans (Toronto) and Fiona Murray (MIT). For more details please visit Please send your CV and proposal to Joshua Gans ( by May 7th, 2013.

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