Executive Board

Along with the co-directors, Joshua Gans and Fiona Murray, the Research Program on the Economics of Knowledge Contribution and Distribution has a distinguished executive board that provides advice on the program’s direction. The members of the Board are:

Philippe Aghion is Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics, Harvard University and one of the founders of  endogenous growth theory. Recently, he has contributed to our understanding of contracts for scientific research and the value of academic freedom.

Martha Gray is the former Director of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology and a Professor with a joint appointment in Electrical Engineering at MIT. In addition to her active research in cartilage degeneration she has engaged in a wide variety of institutional experiments that aim to bring organize scientists interested in translational research in different ways to enhance their creativity and productivity.

Paula Stephan is Professor of Economics and Senior Associate, Policy Research Center, Georgia State  University. Her research focus is on the careers of scientists and engineers and the processes by which knowledge moves across institutional boundaries in the economy.

Ling Wong graduated from MIT in Biology and Chemical Engineering and then received her PhD from  Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Science for developing new vaccine delivery technologies. She  currently serves as a Program Officer in the Global Health Program Discovery team at the Gates Foundation.  In this capacity, she leads the Grand Challenges Explorations Initiative.