Studies on Collaboration in Science

Just a point to materials from a National Academies Workshop on Institutional and Organizational Supports for Team Science. The workshop looked at: How do current tenure and promotion policies acknowledge and provide incentives to academic researchers who engage in team science? What factors influence the productivity and effectiveness of research organizations that conduct and support … Continue reading Studies on Collaboration in Science

Harvard Business School Publishing crosses the ‘evil’ academic line

I am pretty sure that Harvard Business School spends some time teaching its students about Google's "Don't be evil" business statement. While I am also pretty sure that it doesn't take it at face value, I would be very surprised if it challenged not being evil as a worthy goal. If their attempts to introduce … Continue reading Harvard Business School Publishing crosses the ‘evil’ academic line

Big science doesn’t seem to carry its marginal weight

A new interesting paper in PLOS One. Here is the abstract: Agencies that fund scientific research must choose: is it more effective to give large grants to a few elite researchers, or small grants to many researchers? Large grants would be more effective only if scientific impact increases as an accelerating function of grant size. … Continue reading Big science doesn’t seem to carry its marginal weight

Open economics data

Earlier this week I attended the Second Open Economics Workshop in Cambridge, MA organised by the Open Knowledge Foundation. The aim of the workshop is to explore ways in which economics data may be opened and shared more easily. This involves a mixture of technological solutions as well as trying to get the incentives of researchers right. … Continue reading Open economics data

Post-Doctoral Position

The Research Program on the "Economics of Knowledge Contribution and Distribution" has a post-doctoral fellowship position available for 2013-14. Candidates should have a recently completed PhD and have a research proposal related to the following areas. The impact of open scientific publication on research outcomes and dissemination. The motivations and constraints on the sharing of … Continue reading Post-Doctoral Position