Post-Doctoral Position

The Research Program on the "Economics of Knowledge Contribution and Distribution" has a post-doctoral fellowship position available for 2013-14. Candidates should have a recently completed PhD and have a research proposal related to the following areas. The impact of open scientific publication on research outcomes and dissemination. The motivations and constraints on the sharing of … Continue reading Post-Doctoral Position

Health Information Wants to be Shared

Information Wants to be Shared focusses on business models for information content provision. But the principles behind it, that information is more valuable if it is exchanged freely, obviously extend to many other matters. One such matter is health-related information. John Wilbanks is a crusader that has taken the issue of health sharing on. As is often … Continue reading Health Information Wants to be Shared

Interesting interview with Tim O’Reilly

This is just a pointer to an interesting interview with Tim O'Reilly conducted by Edge. It related to the Clothesline Paradox previously discussedby Shane Greenstein. Just a taste: But what's really interesting, when I dug into YouTube, is that it turns out that the monetary economy there is about to explode. It is exploding. It's going to be one … Continue reading Interesting interview with Tim O’Reilly

PopVox — Building a civic profile online

Last week I was teaching “IDEA week” to my mid-career Sloan Fellow executive students. IDEA (innovation-driven entrepreneurial advantage;-)) is a week when we usually explore how innovation provides entrepreneurs with the advantage they need to really build a business that has competitive advantage and can compete with large established firms – either in new markets or … Continue reading PopVox — Building a civic profile online

Snapguide and the content platform

A little while ago I wrote about the importance of content platforms: “Content platforms” are emerging that are designed to solve precisely this problem. A content platform is a standardized means of presenting information. Take, for instance, Yelp. If you want restaurant information, it gives you a list of possibilities with a ranking that can be sorted … Continue reading Snapguide and the content platform


Can an iPhone app keep businesses honest? Apparently so when it comes to the accuracy of self reported information about skiing conditions. That is the finding from a new paper by Jonathan Zinman and Eric Zitzewitz. Here is the abstract: Casual empiricism suggests that deceptive advertising about product quality is prevalent, and several classes of theories explore its causes … Continue reading iHonesty