Post-Doctoral Position

The Research Program on the "Economics of Knowledge Contribution and Distribution" has a post-doctoral fellowship position available for 2013-14. Candidates should have a recently completed PhD and have a research proposal related to the following areas. The impact of open scientific publication on research outcomes and dissemination. The motivations and constraints on the sharing of … Continue reading Post-Doctoral Position

Is Google Scholar next?

Yesterday, Google announced its “spring cleaning” whereby it, usually, discards products most people had long thought discarded. Usually the products are Blackberry ones that don’t really yield controversy. A few years back, Google retired Buzz which was generally regarded as a failure. Some product retirements are a little more troubling. Consider Google Wave as I wrote about in 2011: Consider … Continue reading Is Google Scholar next?

Looking again at “Big Deal” scholarly journal packages

One of the things pointed to in the debate over market power and scholarly journals is the rise of "Big Deal" packages. Basically, this has arisen as publishers bundle journals together for a single price. Indeed, as the publishers have merged and acquired more titles, these bundled packages have become more compelling with individual journal … Continue reading Looking again at “Big Deal” scholarly journal packages

Will reputation metrics open scientific publication?

That is the contention of Richard Price, the founder of Aaron Swartz was determined to free up access to academic articles. He perceived an injustice in which scientific research lies behind expensive paywalls despite being funded by the taxpayer. The taxpayer ends up paying twice for the same research: once to fund it and a … Continue reading Will reputation metrics open scientific publication?

Science Careers’ Person of the Year: Paula Stephan

Science Careers has named its first ever person of the year and it is our own Executive Board member, Paula Stephan. In numerous articles and books, and as a member of scholarly bodies and study commissions examining the situation and prospects of young scientists, Stephan has long expounded the view that the current graduate and … Continue reading Science Careers’ Person of the Year: Paula Stephan